What Are Nested Exchanges and Why Should You Avoid Them?

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A nested cryptocurrency exchange operates by offering its customers crypto trading services through an account on another exchange, rather than facilitating direct trading itself. This setup positions the nested exchange as an intermediary, connecting users to other service providers in the cryptocurrency market. The concept of nesting is akin to traditional banking practices, where certain banks collaborate to offer services that a specific bank might not be able to provide, such as international transfers.

However, nesting in the crypto space has raised concerns due to the lax Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes, or even the absence of such protocols. Exploiting this lack of compliance, cybercriminals often leverage nested exchanges to engage in illegal activities, including money laundering, scam operations, and facilitating ransomware payments.

Using a nested exchange means entrusting the custody of your assets to the platform. Compared to compliant centralized or decentralized exchanges, nested exchanges typically offer lower security measures and fewer guarantees. Moreover, dealing with a nested exchange that operates outside regulatory boundaries can potentially lead to legal issues, especially if the exchange is under sanctions or not compliant with the relevant financial laws.

To safeguard your interests and protect against potential risks, it is imperative to choose an exchange with proper KYC and AML checks, even if it means waiting a few days for the verification process. Be cautious if an exchange allows instant trading without any limits, as this could be a red flag indicating a lack of proper security measures or compliance. A legitimate and transparent exchange will openly disclose its trading processes, and you should be able to verify the source of your funds through a blockchain explorer. Prioritizing security and regulatory compliance is essential when engaging in cryptocurrency trading to ensure a safe and legitimate experience.

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