What Is a Keylogger?

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In simple terms, a keylogger (KL) is a tool designed to capture all keystrokes of a computer, either through a software program or a hardware device, a process known as keylogging or keystroke logging.

Although keyloggers are not inherently illegal, they are often associated with malicious activities.

The primary purpose of a keylogger is to log every keystroke made on the target computer, which, in itself, can be used for legitimate purposes. However, the unfortunate reality is that keyloggers are commonly employed for nefarious intentions. Cybercriminals utilize keylogger programs extensively to steal sensitive information from victims, such as credit card numbers, passwords, personal emails, banking credentials, driver’s license numbers, and more.

To identify a software keylogger, one can check the system processes for anything suspicious. If something appears unusual, researching online to determine whether it belongs to a legitimate program or is a known keylogger can be helpful. Additionally, examining outgoing traffic from the computer can provide valuable insights.

Removing a software keylogger can be challenging but is feasible. Starting with installing an anti-keylogger program on the system and checking if it can eliminate the keylogger is a good step. However, if the computer continues to behave abnormally and the anti-keylogger program does not resolve the issue, the best course of action may involve formatting and completely reinstalling the operating system.

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