What is a Sell Wall?

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The term “sell wall” denotes a substantial limit sell order or a compilation of sell orders at a specific price level within an order book. It stands in contrast to a “buy wall,” which signifies a significant buy order or an accumulation of buy orders at a given price level.

While a sell wall can emerge from an individual entity, it can also arise from the amalgamation of multiple orders at the same price level. Often, a single trader responsible for such a wall is dubbed a “whale” due to their substantial holdings. Whales wield the ability to influence asset prices, and sell walls serve as a potential tool in their arsenal.

For instance, if a trader places a sell order for 10,000 BTC at $5,000, a prominent sell wall would manifest in the order book, likely obstructing price movement above the $5,000 threshold. Overcoming this barrier necessitates robust buying pressure and a significant capital influx to surpass the $5,000 resistance.

However, sell walls are frequently positioned to evoke specific reactions from other traders or to incite intimidation. As a result, these orders are often not entirely executed. Whales frequently establish and remove sell walls repeatedly in an effort to manipulate asset prices. A sell wall may prompt other traders to position their sell orders below the wall, potentially prompting a downward price shift.

An efficient method to assess buy and sell walls is to consult the depth chart, a visual representation provided by most trading platforms illustrating the current order book’s buying and selling orders within a designated range.

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