What is fundamental analysis?

Fundamental analysis is a comprehensive approach used by investors and traders to assess the true value of assets or businesses. It involves conducting a thorough examination of internal and external factors to determine if an asset or business is overvalued or undervalued. This analysis helps formulate effective strategies that have a higher likelihood of generating favorable returns.

To conduct fundamental analysis, one might start by analyzing a company’s earnings, financial statements, balance sheets, and cash flow to evaluate its financial health. Additionally, examining the broader market or industry in which the company operates can provide valuable insights.

The ultimate objective of fundamental analysis is to estimate an expected share price and compare it to the current market price. If the estimated value is higher than the current price, the asset may be considered undervalued. Conversely, if the estimated value is lower than the market price, it may indicate that the asset is overvalued. Armed with this analysis, informed decisions can be made regarding whether to buy or sell the stock of the particular company.

By diligently assessing fundamental factors, investors and traders aim to gain a deeper understanding of the intrinsic value of assets or businesses and make more informed investment decisions.

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